What is the Best Type of Pool Filter?

What is the Best Type of Pool Filter? We answer

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What is the Best Type of Pool Filter

Okay so the question today is a good one. What is the best type of pool filter? And so I’m going to go through it very quickly because I’ve got a lot to do today and I’ve got to make this video quick.
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Four Types

So there are four types of pooL filters.Four basic types of pool filters. You’ve got your sand filter. Then there is your cartridge filter. You’ve got your de filter which stands for diatomaceous earth and you’ve got your glass filter.

The Choice

The sand filter is a is a filter that uses literal sand media inside the filter. The sand itself physically filters the stuff out of the water. A cartridge filter uses a cartridge that looks a lot like a air filter in your car. This filters the water out in your pool. It looks a lot like that but instead of filtering the air it’s filtering the water. It’s physically grabbing stuff that’s passing through it. You’ve got the de filter which uses a white powder called diatomaceous earth. This you put into the skimmer and it basically coats these grids that are inside the filter. That physically filters the water as it passes through. And then you’ve got the glass filter which is essentially a sand filter body. It uses glass media inside the sand filter to filter a lot better than the sand does.

Glass Media

Its important to note that there are different types of glass and different grades of glass. We only use the three-stage glass media just because it performs so much better. It’s a little bit more expensive but not much more expensive at all than other glass media out there. But it’s just a significantly better. So once again this is my opinion. If you ask a hundred Pugh professionals you’ll get a hundred different answers. But my opinion is is that the glass filters are just a lot better than the other filters. The glass filter allows you to get the low micron filtration that’s available through the de filter but the de filters are expensive and they’re difficult to operate and they’re prone to breakage.

The Glass Filter

All the parts inside of them are prone to breaking and when they break it’s expensive to fix them. The glass filter brings together the excellent filtration properties of the de filter with the ease of use of a sand filter and that’s why I love the glass filters the most. The glass media lasts forever, I mean around you know eight to ten years you can get out of your glass media which to me is is a great thing. And the cost of the glass filter even with the upgraded three-stage media is still probably going to be a lot less, several hundred dollars less than a de filter, so to me a glass filter is the way to go. This is the Best Type of Pool Filter.

Now if you cannot find a pool pro in your area that knows anything about glass media don’t worry about it. Just click on this link to the Amazon page and you can buy glass media here

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